About Us

This is our amazing team!


Three seasoned international educators founded LANTO INTERNATIONAL CULTURE CO. LTD with the mission of bringing the gap between the international education of China and the United States. According to IIE’s Open Door Report of last year, international students studying in the U.S. has reached its all-time high of over one million, and 32% of those are coming from China. Study aboard has not been a new term for Chinese students, however, due to limited resources, many of the international students started having issues once they get to their hosting campus. Some students are having adjustment due to language ability or personal adjustment level; some students are having issues due to the wrong expectation of what the U.S. life maybe and the expectation of their university. Huamei LANTO Culture Co. LTD wanted to build a better platform for the U.S. and Chinese students to understand the education environment from both countries, in particular for students coming from the second and third tier cities.

LANTO’s services including University Recruiting tour; Education Exchange program; VIP events; Visiting program for U.S. students; Visiting program for Counselors; Online Marketing for U.S. universities and online video programs for Chinese students and parents to better understand education in the U.S. etc.

LANTO someday wanted to become the home base for Chinese international students and their parents; by providing the most transparent information of the universities in the U.S. to serve the purpose of education better and better educate those students to become the global ambassador of its country.

Our Team

LANTO has a professional and experienced Chinese team. Our co-founders not only have oversea education background in U.S. and Europe, but also have extensive work experience in international education institutes and U.S. universities. Furthermore, we are the first team that has started
to introduce universities and schools to second and third tier cities to reach more Chinese students.

Our local and international high school connections are currently over 100 in China. Many famous media are cooperating well with us. As a culture exchange bridge, all the members in LANTO will dedicate to work for universities to find better-fitted students and tailor-made event for them.